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January Transfer Window 2020

How many first team players will Everton sign in the 2020 January transfer window?

  • 0

    Votes: 20 51.3%
  • 1

    Votes: 14 35.9%
  • 2

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • 3+

    Votes: 2 5.1%

  • Total voters


Love Islander
We just need more mobility in the middle of the park - a strong athlete who can carry the ball and break the play up too.

I think it’s ambitious to think we’ll sign two, even though that’s what we need, but even adding one player to that area of the pitch would make a big difference. We’ll have to make do with Delph, Davies and Siggurdsson getting significant game time for the remainder of the season, hopefully adding some real quality this summer to compliment Gomes.
Oops, I forgot about Gbamin. But based on the comments re: his injury, doesn’t sound like he’ll be rushed back any time soon any way. Let’s hope he’s good and we can build a quality midfield including him, Gomes plus a top drawer addition.

Shifting Schneiderlin and Siggurdsson in the summer would be good. I doubt we’d get any takers for Delph. I’d be happy with Davies going out on loan and bringing in another versatile central midfielder to compete with Gomes, Gbamin and one other (with Delph lurking in the background as 5th choice).


TEF Member
I don’t think we need quite that many.

Certainly 2 CMs and a CB are a priority along with a right winger.

If we’re gonna stick with 4-4-2, we’ll need another forward as well.

Oh, and a new LB.
I'm assuming that's to replace baines if he retires or moves on


TEF Member
What sort of midfielder do we need. I can't decide myself. Do we need a stopper or a footballer?
Which of Kante and Kovacic would have the biggest impact on our midfield?


Love Islander
We deffo need a destroyer who can press/tackle/intercept, but Gbamin may be that player.
Would like us to target someone with mobility and intelligent passing. Like a De Bruyne


Alan Myers
Well only sign a midfielder I reckon. On loan.

who that is I have no idea.


Love Islander
If we’re going based on what Brands said at the AGM, signing a CM is unlikely as we currently have 6 players for 2 positions when everyone’s available. Right winger and CB more likely.

Though of course if Carlo thinks CM is a position desperately lacking quality, he may be pushing to add someone.


Doom-monger and Wayne Lineker fan
I’ve said it every transfer window since we had him but we need someone like Manny Fernandes. All rounder and dynamic, can get forward, tackle but with pace and movement.

Basically we need the Ross Barkley Koeman managed to force workrate out of for 6 months.

Thort Beam

MOSSAD specialist
Kovacic, we need a playmaker.
I'd love to have him on the books but we haven't got a destroyer/midfield General.

I reckon we need both.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
I reckon we’re crying out for a proper number 8 box to box CM. Someone who can tackle, pass the ball well and weigh in with a few goals too.

As SteveEFC89 @SteveEFC89 said above, Doucoure or somebody of that stature would be perfect.


At own request
Carlo Ancelotti was in playful mood when he was asked about Everton's transfer targets mentioned in the newspapers.

Juventus midfielder Emre Can is the latest rumour doing the rounds, but the Italian said: "All the names are wrong," adding for good measure to his Sky interviewer; "The names on Sky are wrong!"

But after director of football Marcel Brands said last week that the squad was short of the right side of attack, Ancelotti added: "We are talking every day with Marcel and we are looking for some targets that we have for some players, but I don’t want to say what we need."

Fuck off Can. Nerd.


After tomorrow's game, our next match is after the window closes.

I'm not too optimistic that we'll have many new faces by that Watford clash, but surely there's got to be 1 or 2 out there who can step in and do a job, even if it's until the end of the season when we can do proper surgery where required.


Alan Myers
CA says all the names linked are wrong. Again.

Working on targets with Brands.

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