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Sport Golf


CDPA Panelist (like Rich)
The European Tour has gone completely now, the standard is shit. All the big guns are in the US, especially with it being a non Ryder Cup year.

The scheduling of the British Masters had been terrible. With there being a major next week no one was ever going to come. Tommy himself would be there if he hadn’t been asked to host the event.

Hillside is a great course for it though.....I played across the railway line at S&A earlier for a few holes so I was watching from the 16th there for a bit. There definitley needs to be more links golf on the tour.
I watched an interview earlier where he said that he never tried to put pressure on anyone from the tours to play this tournament, but he did seem a bit disappointed at the turnout. I kind of enjoyed seeing the "lesser" players in the shake-up. Just feels a bit of a damp squib combined with the pitiful "Hero Challenge"


TEF Member
What does my head in a bit is a day or 2 after the Ryder cup the majority of the European players just fuck off back to America, probably just me but just doesn't feel right after the build up to going back there pretty much straight away.


The artist once known as Skank_Whore
some scrappy stuff being played so far by Rory's group, Beth page black is a beast of a golf course. its really a par 73 there is no way it should be a par 70.


TEF Member
Fleetwood e/w....and Fleetwood e/w to be the first round leader as well.

It's on a terrible time this though.

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