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Former Player Gerard Deulofeu -Gone back to Barca. Signed

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Looks like he will be signing after his agent met Martinez this week. May as well give him his own thread just incase


TEF Member
Heard fron an extremely reliable source that he's got a bigger willy than Messi, an that 'little' Lionel was so intimidated by it, that he's handed a dodgy transfer request in to the board on Deulofeu's behalf.

Our Ged was was proper fuming, like. Said that Messi's masterminded the whole thing because he's got a tiny todge on the sly, like.

My source then went on to say that Distin got wind of this, and stepped in. Big Syl, then offered to coach 'Ged the length' in the mystical art of the milk man, and that's the real reason why he's chose us as his destination.

Like I said, my source is usually spot on.


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Hope this thread isn't premature Snoop.

Kim Jong-un

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Has he been set a goal target yet? If not then I'm going to set it at 59. He's no Dixie like but I expect him to be fairly close.


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Know nothing about him but if Martinez wants to bring him to the Prem at this age he surely must be decent, Don't care about Youtube compilations of him styling some shitty B side, Prem is miles different.


CDPA Panelist (like Rich)
Just had a quick look at a Youtube video of him, and found this gem:
If Deulofeu joins Liverpool, he would probably become the best talent in the world. No doubt about that. We have a reputation for improving players, and Rodgers playing style (tiki-taka) could suit him as he is spanish

Dolorous Edd

Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch
Just had a quick look at a Youtube video of him, and found this gem:

I can tolerate most internet forums etc. but the world of Youtube comments just makes me despair for the human race.


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Really would be an exciting signing even though it is just a loan, given some of the clubs that are lining up for this lad, would speak volumes for Martinez's footballing philosophy because Barca wouldnt of taken this decision lightly given how highly the rate the lad. Although he is still young and not the finished product, think he can still make a major impact for us this season, and who knows, could be the difference between Europe or not. I just like the thought of Mirallas on one wing and Deulofeu on the other, would be absolutely brilliant to watch.


Love Islander
Lmfao. People hoping he 'gets the bug' so that we can sign him permanently after the loan. I thought Evertonians were an intelligent bunch, obviously not.
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