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Sport Football 2019/2020

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CDPA Panelist (like jon)
Reminded me of when Utd took Arsenal apart a good few years ago by the same scoreline.

I had the exact same feeling when the 7th went in. I was embarrassed for them.


TEF Member
I feel for Barca. That club means a lot to many people. They are wasting some great talent because of club politics.A new manager alone won't fix it.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Are Xavi/Iniesta looking for a mangers job?


TEF Member
Holy shit did I just see 8-2 wow, never in my life have I seen Barca humiliated like that


TEF Member
My dad used to talk about the Spurs defeat.
There was a US cop show on TV at the time and they used the Ten -Four call sign. Greatly amused kopites :(
Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford. 10-4 was part of the language. Seem to recall that there were later suggestions that Everton's goalie that day, Albert Dunlop, was off his tits.

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
If Barca are looking for a new manager, I can recommend them a German one, a certain Mister Klipperty, unfortunately I can't seem him leaving the shite, the cunt has molded into a kopite cretin, brainwashed and can't be reversed.
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