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Sport Football 2019/2020

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Romeo Sensini

TEF Member
Sander Berge is quite the player. Davinson Sanchez is a fucking joke of a defender, they all are tbf. Arsenal are a joke and are still above them.


TEF Member
Is this all one way traffic coz Libpewl CBA, though?

It'll be their excuse regardless, don't get me wrong. But curious to know if City are genuinely undoing them or if it's a case of 'Job done CBA now' from Liverpool.


City can blow anybody away.

Their problem is they can also throw in goals with ribbons on.

Sign a pair of top centre halves and they walk next season.


TEF Member
Would love a player like Foden at our club

He‘ll could be the type of player that makes the difference at World Cups and Euro’s for England as well


TEF Member
Wanted to put City down for 4 nil before the game but I forgot it was my turn to cook so only just tuned in and to say I’m not in a good mood is a little understatement at present.
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