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Sport Football 2018/19

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Brexit slag
What happened lads got the golf/darts on.
Southampton player tumbled into the crowd and the locals "helped" him back up. Not sure if any digs were thrown but they made quite a fuss and the lot of them looked like something out of lord of the rings.


I bet they'll be gutted he's fucking them off ASAP
I just watched the two minute version Dutch.

Couldn't understand much (just the odd English sounding word they've adopted) but the way he speaks, pashun and that, it's stirring.

Impressive for a 19 year old. If I were a Barcelona or a Real Madrid I'd be getting the cheque book out, captain material for a decade.

Here's the video...



Brexit slag
I'd be fucking amazed if anyone literally said "to check you're not crazy"

Perhaps "check your mental health." and he's still taken offence to that.


Top Everton ITK
Danny Rose clearly has some mental heath issues, it was evident during his interview with Sky Sports a few weeks back.

BUT you can have mental health issues AND be a dickhead. I think he's a dickhead.

Mr Kirk

Forum food fraud
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