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Sport F1 thread


edit: just cba anymore
That Mercedes can't follow other cars well, look at Bottas.

Class drive from Verstappen though, if he holds on here it's massive.


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Merc dropped the ball in that first stint, that's where the race was won, kept Ham out when they should have mirrored Max and pit the next lap after he did.

Went from over a second ahead to 6 secs behind once they'd pitted, that's the race right there.


Love Islander
It’s all against Lewis now. Big points gap, likely engine penalties, and tracks which Mercedes are expected to struggle on.

They were obviously expecting more of a tyre-performance variance at the end from the 8-lap later stop, but they’ll probably reflect that they let the gap grow too large each time.


This had to be a Hamilton win for the championship. I thought it would be with past records here but save for practice 1, the bull looked every bit as good as the Merc.

Merc probably could have engineered a win today, but Verstappen didn't put a foot wrong and having Perez in the mix but not Bottas probably led to a bit of confusion on the strategy front.

Can only credit Verstappen for the race he drove. The last 5 laps it seemed certain that they would at least engage but he ensured it didn't even get to that. Maybe he kept something aside, maybe the Merc struggles behind another car, maybe he just came into his own.


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I have just seen the Mexico grand Prix isn't for two weeks surely it would make sense logistics wise and climate wise to have the Mexico grand Prix next weekend and everyone flies from Texas to Mexico instead of all flying home and then back out again

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