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Sport F1 thread


edit: just cba anymore
Only just saw the highlights. That's some fantastic bluffing from Red Bull but Verstappen was also different class. I still think Hamilton wins the race because they're ahead on race pace but if Perez can get the leap on Hamilton at the start then Verstappen could build a gap.


edit: just cba anymore
I know she's attractive but Sky having someone who has never driven in F1 doing punditry is odd.

At least get someone in that's done a bit of boxing or fishing.


edit: just cba anymore
"What do you think Christian Horner's message to Serigo Perez will be today?"

"Go and get 1st or 2nd."

Thanks for that exceptional insight Danica


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Brundle takes it very well. I could handle a celeb saying no thanks if I was him but some snotty little hanger on treating me like a nobody. I’d be fuming.

Mick Blue

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Ham decent start for a change, state of Max squeezing him though, he's such a shithouse, on the edge of a penalty there, leaving him no space.
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Finally flicked it on and missed the start.

Surprised to see Hamilton get a better start but I guess he had the inside line


edit: just cba anymore
Mercedes straight line speed is crazy, Verstappen much quicker in the corners.

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