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Match Thread Everton v West Ham (H) - Wed 30/9 7:45pm


Formerly Just Mike & Micky
Given it's a cup game, I'll pay it.

I was worried Carlo would stick with the team he played in the 2nd round, so it was a welcome surprise to see he went stronger last night, which surely means we will go strong against West Ham.


Alan Myers
Beat these cunts and we’re 4 games away from a trophy.


Alan Myers
Nope. Home ground of the team first out the hat. Same as every other round.
Didn’t know that. Get a decent tie next round (should we beat West Ham) and we should have a proper go at this tournament.
If anyone is going to win us a trophy it’s Carlo.


Doom-monger and Wayne Lineker fan
I would go...

Coleman Keane Digne Nkounko
Sigurdsson Doucoure Bernard
Iwobi DCL Richarlison​

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