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Match Thread Everton v West Ham (H) - Wed 30/9 7:45pm

Mr Kirk

Branflakes cunt
I want to win it. Embarrassing that we never have.


TEF Member
If we'd put out an average team and lost everyone would whinge.

If we'd done that line up and no injuries no one would say anything.

I guess my answer is, I'll wait until we either win the cup (best decision ever - good work Ancelotti)
We get knocked out and we took those injuries for no reason.

I was working from home again today, so logged in and read a West ham forum for something to do. They were really frustrated at resting a team to secure 16th place in a league again.

I laughed for most of the afternoon.


TEF Member
Richarlison looks to be fit for tomorrow so not that optimistic really

Yes maccarob, there has been a positive injury update. We'll get to know in his presser today. Allan the only real worry, hopefully it isn't as serious as it first looked........

Richarlison and Jonjo look minor-ish so not too bad at all. Carlo had indicated Allan has a minor abductor strain which is far less serious than a from strain (if it turns out that way) and may only be three weeks, hopefully the international break might see him near ready

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