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Everton v Man City - Saturday 7pm YouTube


Global Moderator
I put Koeman out of my mind so much I forgot he happened.

Fucking Steve Walsh too sauntering around Milan with his briefcase in hand does fuck all then comes back and signs Sandro on 120k a week and spends £100m on Klaassen, Sigurdsson and Keane.

Fucking Del Boy on his jollies.


TEF Member
I was proper ill that day and it was touch and go whether I was going to go. I threw copious amounts of drugs in me to get through the day. It was pissing down, I was full of germs but it's still probably the last Everton game I was ecstatic to be at.


Maybe the worst thing to happen to Tom Davies, his goal in this match.

As an aside, maybe I'm just a boring cart but I'm tired of all these rewatch matches. I've got no time for it at all.

Mr Kirk

Forum food fraud
Joel in net. Fuck me, we’re going to get slaughtered.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Fuck off Shez @Shez

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