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Match Thread Everton v Leicester City, Wednesday 1st July 2020, 6pm (Sky Sports)

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Did alright there, Gordon.


Shoebox entrepreneur
He’d be as bad physically as Gomes.
No, he tracks, tackles, puts 110% every game does Bernard, he's a number 10 and has been played out of position on the right every game he's played for us.

We need a technical footballer to partner Gomez, he's the best choice we have at present.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Our players don’t make things easy for themselves ffs


TEF Member
I can’t get over the fact Chilwell just picked it up and got away with it
The whistle hadn’t gone so it was a clear foul but the ref just gave a drop ball, I’m completely stunned by that whole incident
With the “quality” of refereeing in this country, I’m not.

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