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Everton treats my Grandpa


TEF Member
A while ago my Grandpa turned 90, one of my uncles (one of 11 of his kids) wrote to the club and asked if they would do something for him. They couldn't at the time, but they promised to do something in the future. They didn't let him down.



TEF Member
Its a great gesture and I love that they sent the coach for them. I feel they could have rounded up a few more ex-players for him though, although he seemed well chuffed.


TEF Member

Your granda is sharp as a tack, isn't he?

Love seeing the club do stuff like this. I know other clubs across the country do things on occasion for their fans, but I think we take it to a whole new level with it.

The fact that the club are so readily open to things like this shows how much they actually do care and how much we mean to them.

Love this club - hope your grada had a cracking day, too, mate.


TEF Member
Sometimes I really love this club.


TEF Member
Tell you what mate hes looking good for 90! Made up for him as well, hope he had a good day.


This is why I wouldn’t support any other club. Up the fucking toffees.

Your grandpa is a belter too mate W @Walker


TEF Member
Brilliant from the club that, saw this in the echo before even better knowing it's relating to someone on here, hope your grandad had a great day

Mr Kirk

Forum food fraud
As has been said, he looks well for 90!!


TEF Member
Great stuff ….. love all that …. your grandad looks a real top blue …..

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