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Everton on Transfer Deadline Day AKA pass us the bleach

Crafty II

The Chief Whip
Please try to keep all of the nonsense in this thread, so that we mods have at least a chance of not getting pissed off with everything and being able to keep up with all the stuff that goes on.

Try not to be dickheads to each other, and hope that we sign a decent striker and a left winger before 11pm tomorrow.

Is that alright?

And no,for some reason I can't edit the title of the thread, so that annoying lack of space bar will be gruelling all day.


These Werner shouts are bullshit. They wanted to keep the team together for this year which is why they won't let Keita leave till next year.

Unless we spunk big on someone young like Dolberg I can't see us getting a striker we'd be happy with. I'd deffo take someone like Dzeko for now like.

Best case scenario for me today, Costa or Vardy in. Barkley signs new contract. And we get the defender we need. Maybe a backup striker on loan too

Comments moved to this thread.


TEF Member
Mahrez been given permission to leave the Algeria squad to complete transfer to 'a new club'.

I know it's incredibly unlikely but I hope Walsh has been snaking him. I'd love him here.


Anybody reckon we might go for Lucas Perez at some point today?

I can't think of many other strikers of any calibre who want out and their club want rid.


TEF Member
If these are types of players we are after, we'll once again come up short. Is the ambition not to break into the top 4?

What's the point treading water hoping two of the top six win the two cups so we can enter the qualifiers of the Europa League after finishing 7th every season.

Vermaelen has played 20 games in 3 years and he's been permanently injured for 5 of them. Even if he somehow regained his fitness for us (unlikely) he's never going to be at the level he was previously.

Jimenez scored 1 goal in Spain and 12 for Portugal. That's terrible.

West Brom have made better signings that that for god's sake.


CDPA Panelist (like Rich)
Batshuayi to us was mentioned on the radio this morning; no idea where that's come from though.

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