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Everton Kit Sponsors - Hummel and Cazoo - New Kit Released


So long as they make us some decent bespoke gear I'm sound with it.

Cba with us having the same kit as 20 other clubs just in a different colour (which is what the like of Nike, Adidas, Umbro would offer us - as well as alot less dough).


TEF Member
Hopefully we’ll get a decent kit now instead of the copy paste shite we’ve been in for a long time.

A proper throwback kit would be nice.


TEF Member
I'm glad though the club went with someone who will double what we earn with Umbro. No doubt the last moron in charge would have stayed with Umbro

Seen some mock ups online and there is potential for some good shirts.

Then again I haven't bought a shirt in years. Just cant justify spending 50 quid a year with what I earn. But it would be nice for the team to be kitted out in a nice bespoke shirt

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
That’s a good deal £ wise and that’s all I care about really. Don’t wear kits or club branded clothes so as long as the deal is good for the club, I’m good with it.

Looking forward to getting shut of Sportspesa too.

Romeo Sensini

TEF Member
Not a fan of Hummel and the motorway chevrons they put on everything, but big step in the right direction commercially, interesting to see who comes in as sponsors for the front and the sleeve now. As long as its beneficial to the club financially not really fussed anymore what they look like.


Pyar sauced
It's the hipster fans kit maker of choice, so they should sell plenty of shirts and the deal is bang on for the club.


TEF Member
I‘ll be honest I think that’s still too low seeing as the likes of Southampton get £9m a season but I guess with all the uncertainty about football and commercial deals they’ve had to act quick to secure a increase on our current deal to help sure up the finances.


TEF Member
Are the club going to do their old party trick of revealing the kit early, then not actually selling it until the arse end of summer?

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