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Everton exploring new stadium site “close” to Goodison Park

Everton are exploring a site for a potential new stadium ‘close’ to Goodison Park, it was revealed on Wednesday. The announcement was made at a General Meeting of the Club’s Shareholders. Chief Executive Robert Elstone revealed the Blues have been in “constant dialogue” with Liverpool City Council over a new stadium. Mr Elstone said: “One [...]



TEF Member
The only sites I can see near goodison are either Stanley park or Walton hall park. This will take years though, we can't afford players never mind a stadium.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
Fuck off, Bill.


TEF Member


TEF Member
Kenwright would piss on your leg and tell you it was raining. Not a chance I'll be believing a word of this.


TEF Member
I can see the vision now from dr evil. Sell goodison to tesco. Then approach sainsburys to build us a ground next door in one if their spare seasonal aisles. Fool proof.
where's the Relocation aka Bill's Bullshit forum? Get on it Snoops

Got a boardroom forum mate :icon_BillK:


TEF Member
Its a decoy tactic in play lads.
A diversion to take our minds off the fact we are fucked once again in the transfer market.


TEF Member
Bill has spotted a site for new ground, i have seen the new car iwant, its a top of the range ferrari, we are both fuckin skint so its all bollocks.

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
When will this guy ever stop spouting bullshit upon lies after bollocks!?!

The problem is the majority believe his crap time and time again and won't here a word said against him.

I just wish he'd come out and tell the truth for once!

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