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Everton News Everton AGM 14/01/2020 6pm Philharmonic Hall


TEF Member
Annual General Meeting next Tuesday at 6pm at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Should be interesting - Record Losses announced, another season already over after losing to the Liverpool Youth Team, onto our 4th manager in little over two years.

What questions would you like to see answered apart from the obvious "Where's the Arteta money Bill?"


Probably a Love Islander
What is the plan? Is it just to keep throwing money at it hoping it comes good or is there an actual plan on how we can turn this around

Hull Toffee

TEF Member
Same as the post above really.....

We've got a top drawer manager now plus an allegedly top drawer DOF.....so can the BOD's please just let those two get on with their jobs of hopefully putting a long term plan in place to grow our great club into an even greater club that actually challenges for silverware again.

Get the new stadium built....manage the financial side of the club....

AND THEN......

Let THE football men get on with running the football side of the club.....



TEF Mortgage Broker - Mr. U-Turn - Reality TV buff
Why do we have no one coming through from the youth teams?
What is the purpose of the under 23’s?
Why is there no connection between the under 23’s and the senior squad?
What is the point of David Unsworth?


Love Islander but pretends not to be
I doubt on the pitch matters will be discussed all that much other than we've got a new world class manager in now, so lets see what the future holds.

There will be some reassurance about the record losses and plenty of talk about the stadium and how important it is.


TEF Member
How long do we expect the pp to take and are the finances in place ready to go as soon as the green light is given?

Thort Beam

MOSSAD specialist
Who is Lewis Dunk?

Thort Beam

MOSSAD specialist

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