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Match Thread Everton 1 v 5 Atalanta. Is this rock bottom?

Hugo's left kidney

Not a corrupt CDPA panelist
And I have electricity back. Sounds like the football gods were being kind to me, stopping me from watching that shite. I can't believe the absolute state of our club. Nil Satis My Arse.


TEF Member
Feels almost like 140yrs of everton has been for fuck all, like we need to start afresh from day 1 of our forming and that's as big a statement as it gets.
I was at the games however long ago they were when Royle I think patented the word 'watershed' the FAC away at Port Vale springs to mind when I had the pleasure to witness that sat in the home end.
I posted weeks ago that if it was Unsy I'd be one who would back him, dispite his flaws, however seeing that tonight, the issue of EFC as it stands and how to fix it feels so far beyond either Unsys or in fact anyone else's that it is hard to see any way of moving forward or improving.
Tonight was almost the first home game I couldn't be arsed goin despite having paid for my seat, in about 30yrs, probably not the last tbh. Im losing my love for this thing, and I don't seem to be able to stop it.

I've read posts tonight which suggest we as fans should take this in our own hands and kick off with BK, Board etc, sadly I think it's very quickly coming to this, and it almost feels like our only hope of fixing this is if we as fans take some serious inititive, sadly I think there is still a majority who just don't get it, not referring to anyone on here btw. For what's it's worth I'm up for kicking off like.

NIL SATIS and all that.

Fuck my life Everton you utter bunch of cunts.


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
Kenwright simply HAS to go. He won’t be for the good of the club he needs to fuck off.

In terms of playing staff, another overhaul is needed:

Williams, Jagielka, Baines, Schneiderlin, Klaassen, Rooney all need to go. Baines and Jags just for age - the rest “coz shite”.

Put everything into keeping Barkley. Don’t care what anyone says or how divisive he is. Just look at us without him.

For me, the team needs to be:

Coleman - Keane - Mori - ?????
Gueye - ?????
Bolasie - - - Barkley - - - ?????

Assuming Barkley’s off and we can do better than Keane & Mori - we have 4 good first team players.

Potentially 7 first team players needed minimum. A CB, LB and CF in jan would be a good start.

Squad size is healthy; but the quality isnt there for the most part.

Also, IMO, the majority of this is on Koeman. Sold Lukaku and was happy to bring in a sub par fatty in Rooney. Spent half of the Lukaku fee on Sigurdsson - who’s been shit. Klaassen at 20-5M is Looking worse by the day. Keane I was happy with - but just look at him. And Pickford I’m beginning to think is cursed. Because as good ad he is, he only ever faces loads of shots and concedes loads of goals. Martina and Williams can get to fuck. And Schneiderlin. And the Barkley situation under him was/is disgusting.

People can have their pops at Walsh etc. justifiably. But this is his squad. And it’s dire.

For the love of god mate - Get Mori out of that side!
In fact take them all out apart from Pickford. That’s how bad it is
Barkley won’t play for us again
We don’t know how Bolasie and Coleman will be.
We are in deep shit

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TEF Member


TEF Member
I had comp tickets in the '85 lounge last night. Fuck me I wish I hadn't bothered. My seats were fucking brilliant, just a shame I had to watch that bunch of spineless cunts and that fucking lump of a manager. We need to get a new manager in quickly and AGAIN need to invest in the squad and clear out a lot of players.


Victor Meldrew
How are players like Mirallas, Martina, Williams etc all getting a game when they don't give a fuck?

Especially Mirallas and Schniedlerin who shouldn't play for the club ever again.

Crafty II

The Chief Whip
DU: "I take responsibility but when the players step over the line they have to take it too. I have learned some things about the players that played tonight, if they're not hurting like I am they shouldn't be here."

Damn right.

Dario Terracotta

TEF Member
We were 12th in the league in Feb the day he became majority shareholder.

Despite our good form in the cups, it was hardly going swimmingly.

Hands up who's dreaming of a 12th place finish ?
It really is that bad...

<I blame the manager, the players and whoever is responsible for signing/not replacing the ones who aren't up to scratch btw. >

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