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Match Thread Everton 1 v 5 Atalanta. Is this rock bottom?


TEF Member
Wtf happened. Turned over at 2-0, got a message at 2-1 but couldn’t be arsed to see us lose anyway.


Are we trying to achieve the worst ever performance by any club, ever.


TEF Member
Absolute disgrace. Honestly never felt less confident in an everton side, ever. We need someone to come in sharpish and sort us out otherwise we are in deep deep deep shit.
agreed but that's been obvious for weeks, tonight was just spelt out in big letters for complacent retards like Kenwright


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
Williams is awful.

He finished - he was a very good defender. Same as Rooney - he’s finished. Oh and Jags is finished - and Baines is finished. So let’s go and sign 6 number 10s and concede 2 goals or more for 8 consecutive games!
What’s Unsworth meant to do?? I doubt anyone can sort our defence out.
We need 4 new defenders

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Love Islander
Wow. Fuck this shit.


TEF Member
We as fans need to get nasty. Nasty with the board, nasty with our own players. This isn't a confidence issue , this crap is down to shithouse performances week after week from senior over payed little rats. Ducking tackles, not jumping for headers, generally not looking arsed. They are getting away with Murder.


Doom-monger and Wayne Lineker fan
Getting to the stage where we may need to try someone other than Unsworth even in a short term role. The players are hugely to blame as they have been al season but Unsworth seems to have no clue what to do. It might be a meaningless game but it's just embarrassing. It's not as if he's seen it as a chance to get players used to a system or anything.

We've had huge slices of luck against Watford and Palace to get us 4 points. He's shown absolutely nothing.

The board should be ashamed at the mess they've created with all this. I feel bad for Unsworth etc as they are just being hung out to dry.


Love Islander
So, can we still wait until February before we look at Allardyce? Because like or not we need this fat bastard in here now.

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
8-1 over two games against a team of Italian nobody's

Fuck me!

Even Harry Houdini would have his work cut out with this shower of complete and utter wank of piss stained used shite!


TEF Member
and saving a player who will definitely start on Sunday in a much more important game.

Meaningless the first word of the thread title and people are still fuming ffs

Tonight will be great for confidence ahead of Sunday.


TEF Member
Club needs to get real. It's like a re-run of the 97/98 season and we are just as bad as we were back then.

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