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Match Thread Everton 1 v 5 Atalanta. Is this rock bottom?


TEF Member
Unless we have a new manager by Thursday this is now a totally meaningless fixture.

Tickets are not going on general sale to stop Atalanta fans getting into the home sections. Even with kids tickets at £4 and concessions at £9 it will be an awful turnout. Everton may be able to add a few on to the official figure due to the auto cup scheme but even if they gave away free tickets this is would be a hard sell.

Vlasic will play but who cares?


TEF Member
I didnt sign up to the Auto Cup Scheme, one of my better moves. The club took the money of those who did first thing in the morning after Lyon. Crafty bastards.


TEF Member
Sub 15k. They've taken the money but I'm not going - unless we have a mgr in before the game.


TEF Member
Won’t be going but would like to see this team:


Kenny Holgate Williams Martina

Vlasic Beni Besic Lookman




TEF Member
torn between playing a total reserve side and actually trying to win a game to build some more momentum. Confidence is a big thing and another win here would be two home wins in a row.

Give it up and a defeat, however meaningless, can prove damaging.


Alan Myers
Martina Jagielka Williams Kenny
Beni Besic
Vlasic Klaassen Mirallas


TEF Member
Holgate - Williams - Feeney - Martina
Beni - - - Besic
Vlasic - - - Klaassen - - - Mirallas

Wholesale changes. No titting about. Rest the first team for the League.

Completely not arsed about this.


Resident queer
This will be an absolutely atrocious attendance, I reckon 8/9k, and that will only be people on the auto cup scheme and/or those who go every game out of habit
Can’t see us winning either, there is literally nothing to play for and whoever plays isn’t going to risk getting injured over a nothing game
3-1 Atlanta

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