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POLL Europa - Yay or Nay?

Europa League

  • Yay

    Votes: 41 64.1%
  • Nay

    Votes: 23 35.9%

  • Total voters

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
Bit of a discussion going on at the minute about the possibility we could end up 7th and get Europa, thought I'd put a vote up and see who would want it next season and who doesn't.

I can see why people want Europe as they're great away days but I personally don't think the squad is near ready and we have a massive building job in the Summer, I think we can do without the Europa for another season, try and compete for the Top 4/6, if we finish in Europa places next season (auto qualifying for group stages) with a stronger squad and looking to further build, then great.

I just think it would be too early to participate in it next season

Vote away....


TEF Member
Most definitely yes.

If we want to be considered a big club we need to have European football as often as possible.


To be totally honest I'm not arsed either way.

If we get it, I'll happily enjoy the ride but if we don't it's not a tragedy.

Pros -

  • Being in Europe is always good for a club's profile.
  • A different opportunity to get hands on silverware.
  • As much as the competition is poo-poo'd in England, Europeans do respect the competition and will find it attractive to play in.
  • We'd earn a few extra quid that pep up the accounts.
  • Opportunity for a couple of boozy European breaks for the fans.
Cons -

  • Thursday-Sunday football is not ideal and often has a detrimental impact on league form.
  • Early start to the season meaning pre-season is interrupted.
  • Lack of Saturday 3pm kick offs.
  • A larger pool of players is required to sustain a competitive season.
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TEF Member
Yes for me - it will probably be the only way we will ever get champions league football by winning the Europa League, so whilst it can be a pain fixture wise, if we ever hold any kind of ambition then we need to play in Europe regardless of the issues it can bring

Dario Terracotta

TEF Member
Yes, why wouldn't we ?
Should we duck out of the FA cup because our squad might not be up to beating City or whoever in the semis ?
If we succeed in finishing seventh, we're by definition ready. It's up to the club to strengthen the squad as necessary and the manager to prepare them for inevitable fixture congestion.
Just as long as we don't go out to the (for example) Moldovan cup winners in the second (?) qualifying round..


TEF Member
Yes please. I want us to progress. Playing in Europe helps us do that.

If we buy well and manage the squad properly we can do well


It's worth noting that Watford have it in their hands, beat City in the FA cup final and they're in Europe.

But as it stands in the 'race for 7th place'....

34145154645147To play - West Ham (a), Arsenal (h), Man City (a), Chelsea (h)
32138114039147To play - Southampton (a), Brighton (h), Arsenal (h), Watford (a), Fulham (h), Liverpool (a)
33137134642446To play - Fulham (a), United (h), Palace (a), Burnley (h), Spurs (a)
32137124747046To play - Arsenal (h), Huddersfield (a), Southampton (h), Wolves (h), Chelsea (a), West Ham (h)
West Ham
33126154150-942To play - United (a), Leicester (h), Spurs (a), Southampton (h), Watford (a)

Looking at those fixtures, I'd say Watford and Wolves probably have the best fixtures (plus a game in hand) but it's so hard to predict how they'll react to the cup semi final. Will Watford stroll to the final? Will Wolves get the flipflops out?

I reckon it's between us, Wolves and Watford though. Leicester needed the win last night with their run-in.


TEF Member
We’ve got the best youth team in the country I think the Europa is the place to give some of the better ones first team experience. Plus if we do sign another striker DCL will still get an opportunity to play.


TEF Member
We were an absolute shambles last time we were in the Europa - 3 nil away and 5 - 1at home to Atalanta
It messed our season up and we ended up with Sam Allardyce in charge

I just don't think we have the Cup winning mentality at present to deal with the Europa so I would be quite relieved to just miss out this time


TEF Member
No, starting competitive games 3 or 4 weeks before the premiership season starts trends to really mess up teams
Summer preparation is disrupted and whilst teams tend to get a fitness /sharpness boost in the first few prem games, they tend to be fucked by October
7 th is the ultimate poison chalice with real probability for fucking up next season, would rather swerve and have a real go at the top 4 next year


TEF Member
Why on earth would you not want to be in Europe? Players want to win trophies and play in Europe. Fans love the trips. If we want to step the club up we need to be there.

Ste lucas

TEF Member
Why is this a question. A million times yes.

European football, chance for youth to get a game, European football, easier to attractive better players, European football, step towards where we want to be in the elite. And of course European football.


TEF Member
Big YES from e.



Or Lookman/DCL/??????

???? = rotate the first choice players. Easily got enough to compete in both. Obviously we can play full strength in the later stages if we manage to get there and our premier league season isn’t a worry. Gives chance to look at a few of the players out on loan too possibly line Vlasic who still might yet be very good.

No brainer.


TEF Member
Definitely No

No brainer for me.

I would much rather Wolves, Watford or Leicester wrecked their seasons personally.

It's not just the shortened summer break, or the likely extra games for the players involved, and you could rotate heavily even if some fans would be up in arms for not taking it seriously enough, or even the travel - which can often be lengthy, the main reason is the heavy disruption that comes with Thursday night and Sunday football and the accompanying lack of any proper preparation which can give the opposition a huge advantage.

There is also the mental fatigue of so many games and competitions which can take it's toll.

League form, especially early on, can suffer, and while this isn't inevitable it is more than likely and adds an extra burden we could do without as we look to build on this season, and not go backwards like last season.

If our early league form is poor it can often have a detrimental effect on later games too, even if we're out of Europe by then. Early season form can set the tone, get off to a bad start and it can be mightily difficult to recover as confidence is low and you enter a downward spiral of lowering confidence and even poorer results, its hard to break.

West Ham, Southampton, Burnley and ourselves have suffered relatively recently - last season's misadventure may well have contributed to Kidman's downfall, the nightmare of Unsworth and the panic that ended up with us approaching Allardyce.

If, as last season, the fixture list does us no favours early on, and whose to say that won't happen again, then we could end up sleepwalking into some dystopian nightmare scenario - if the Europa qualifying rounds were added to our misery.

For any slight money gained from the Europa, and it's far from lucrative or a money spinner even in later rounds, the cash potentially lost through a poor league season can dwarf this.

If we get a full close season and continue to progress from this season then we may well be in a far better position to challenge the top four or six, then we can enter without any qualifying rounds as well as being stronger, further advanced in our development and far better equipped to cope with the added European ties.
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TEF Member
Yes, all day.

If we want to be able to play regular Champions League football, then we need to be able to cope with playing at the lower level that is Europa League. Mind you, if we qualify, then we don't have to take it too seriously. Tottenham ( and Arsenal more recently ) played their kids in early games. Our problem recently when we've been in the Europa is we took it too seriously and played too many first choice players.


TEF Member
I do and I don't want it.

I do because I agree wholeheartedly with what Mug @Mug has said.

You need Europe to open up more possibilities. We can't attract the elite tier players as it stands - but the stars for the likes of Ajax, Fener etc. could be tempted away by PL wages and Europa. We're a stepping stone for players at the minute. We always have been. We need to target the players who could break into the elite bracket now while they're getting limited exposure outside of their home nation(s).

Also, our fans deserve mental European aways to the Eastern Bloc and beyond more than most.

I don't want it (purely this season) as we're in the middle of a huge rebuild. We need to shift about 7 players - some of whom we'll struggle to - and we still need to bolster the first team. We get it wrong and it's Koeman's Europa adventure all over again.

To surmise, we as a club deserve it and more importantly need it - but I don't want it, per se, while we're in transition.

Statue of Dixie

Blue Steel
Why is this a question. A million times yes.

European football, chance for youth to get a game, European football, easier to attractive better players, European football, step towards where we want to be in the elite. And of course European football.
If it was Champions League, I'd agree, but Europa? Say for instance now, we failed and Watford got it, we both go in for the same player, he has a choice, we offer him £100,000 a week with no Europe, Watford can offer him Europa but a shortfall in wages - I'd still say he'd join us because money talks


The artist once known as Skank_Whore
Europa League is a giant waste of time and effort, too many games for too little reward, always fucks up league form, only competition is Europe worth being in is the Champions league, and that's only for the money!

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