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Player Dominic Calvert-Lewin


Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce - U23s expert
His timing of his jumps was abysmal. He was virtually back on the floor by the time the ball got there. Nothing wrong with the height of it just the timing. He used to do it as a kid and it drove me mad but today he was way off
I was saying to my mate that he looked like the player he was 5 years ago today. All over the place with his timing and touch.
I hope it’s just fitness but it was a bad injury.
He also can’t play up top with Richarlison - 442 is just horrible football.


Alan Myers
He should be absolutely ashamed of his last few performances.

He was fucking dreadful today again. Not even knee jerk - he was fucking disgraceful.


Alan Myers
I’m sure our resident xG statto nonces can tell me, but I’d be absolutely flabbergasted if he won 25% of his attempted headers today.

The mad bastard just jumps and makes no effort to put his head on the bastard ball.


Alan Myers
someone had too many shandys
Admittedly I’m absolutely fucking trollied. However, he was absolutely fucking poo today and he burnt my head out.

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