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Rumour Denzel Dumfries


TEF Member
I watch quite alot of Dutch footy [insert Wikipedia link here] but I've never really 'seen it' with Dumfries. Obviously there are exceptions, but in general top players aren't still playing in the Dutch league in their mid twenties, (Klaassen)
Would he improve our squad, yes.
Could we sign better for not much money, 100% yes.

Neil A

Our man in Spain
Dutch, PSV, Younger than 26

Deffo a Brands player
He has been the dutch first choice rightback for the past couple of years. Ive watched 4 minutes of him on youtube, im sure he is absolutely hopeless at defending but you cant coach that pace, acceleration and strength. Im sold, sign him up.


Love Islander
For the £15m mark, it would be the right kind of signing. Young enough, presumably hungry and with a point to prove. About four of five more of these kinds of signings and we might have an actual football team. And with 18 caps for Netherlands, you’d expect a decent pedigree.


Partly Scottish
Its a no from me it’s been downhill for our Dutch imports since Ray Atteveld.


My folks have a Dalmatian called Denzel.

That's all I have to add.

Oh and he's PSV captain according to some tweets I read. We need #leaders

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