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Player Demarai Gray


edit: just cba anymore
I've said for a while we should be getting Demarai Gray, so happy with that. If someone can unlock his potential he's going to be a really good footballer.

Don't see the point in signing Andros Townsend at all.
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TEF Member
Very inconsistent at Leicester. Decent option to change a game up. Looks quite a frustrating player in that he has something but doesn’t deliver often enough. He’ll be in good company.

Mick Blue

Pervert disappointed by the cock size
I wanted us to take a punt on Gray when he left Leicester. Pacy and direct, he’ll add something we don’t have in the squad.

Needs to work on his consistency and end product but he has plenty of talent.


edit: just cba anymore
He's a 25 year old that hasn't quite lived up to his potential but definitely has assets that we as a team need. It makes far more sense to have a pop on him at £1.5m than pay £28m for Alex Iwobi. At least if it doesn't work out we've not spunked a fortune.


TEF Member
If these 2 are coming in as squad players to replace the likes of Bernard & save abit of money then I’ve absolutely no problems with it at all, especially £1.5million on Gray.

If it’s anymore than that, fuck me.

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