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Sport Cricket


Shoebox entrepreneur
Thought we only had one spinner?, Root showing Leach up here.

Game on with Root bowling like this.


TEF Member
Great bit of bowling from root here

Yes I know the pitch is helping a lot but he still has to put it in the right place. He has kept England in the match


TEF Member
Last captain to take 5 for was Willis in 1983 not sure if that's for England or full stop as I think Vettori was nz captain for a while


TEF Member
just bat in little targets, get to 33-0 first, then 50 ahead, then 100 and anything over 150 ahead and that makes England strong favourites.

If we are 33/4 then we are goosed


England to score under 100 runs 9/1.

Can't resist a bit of that.

The bookies have England's line at about 175. I think that's too high.

6/5 to score under 175 might be printing it.

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