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Sport Cricket


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The Bob Willis trophy final at Lord's - third day out of FIVE (not four), continues today between Somerset and Essex. Somerset have never won a domestic first class (red ball) cricket competition in their long history having been the bridesmaid so often in recent championship history.

While this competition replaces the championship in this truncated summer it would still be a major achievement, and there are well grounded forecasts that this format, and not the two division championship, could be the foundation for the domestic red ball game going forward following the review.

Having been put in Somerset made a competitive 301 all out in a rain affected first two days with the young 23 year old English based Zimbabwean Eddie Byrom making a big century (117). Craig Overton (66) also shared in a century (127) partnership with Byrom making 60 odd after Essex had the better of day one with Somerset then standing at 114-4 before yesterday's start of play.

The Essex openers, looking to start their reply to the 301 posted, Sir Alistair Cook being one of them, were saved from facing any deliveries last night by bad light. Importantly if the match ends in a draw, which maybe possible considering the weather and only three days left, the team who gets the most first innings runs wins the match, so this next innings could well decide the trophy.

Coverage from Lord's starts at 10.30 and is on both iPlayer and You Tube.
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BigMick posted on GOT....

Rumours are that the two divisions will be scrapped, despite the new format of 10 in the top division never having been tried, to be replaced by three conferences as in the Bob Willis Trophy, but not on a regional basis. Initially it would be based on the finishing positions in the 2019 season, resulting in:

Conference A

Conference B

Conference C


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Cook doing what Cook does as Essex start to gain the ascendancy. It's a new ball pitch and Somerset have only taken one wicket.

111-1 Sir Alistair Cook 68*, Tom Westley 30* off 41.5 overs (120 allowed in the first innings) in reply to Somerset's 301

The biggest first innings total could determine the trophy winner in the event of a drawn match, Somerset getting desperate.

England reserves Mr Nobody - Lewis Gregory took the only wicket but I'm still mystified as to what he exactly brings to a side - 70mph dibbly dibbly bits and pieces cricketer - probably good in county cricket and absolutely ineffectual at anything of a higher standard.


Century for Alistair Cook.



He literally couldn't have asked for a friendlier delivery to get on 99 not out

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That's Karumanaseri Narayanaiyer Ananthapadmanabhan to you Mike Mike

Just KN to his mates.


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Vitality blast quarters

Lancs on the verge at the Sussex county ground

Sussex need 48 off 3 overs
93/9 from 45/2 (some collapse) in reply to Lancs who made around 140/8 off their 20 overs req run rate over 16/over

On YouTube now while it lasts

95 all out Lancs goto finals day joining Gloucestershire and Surrey at Edgbaston on Saturday


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I managed to watch a bit of the IPL this afternoon, but found that fake crowd noise and fake cheering even when nothing has really happened other than routine fielding, went too far.

I want proper crowd noise (even if fake), and even the din as the day goes on is fine for longer formats. It's usual the crowd gets heavily involved in T20 - that's normal and adds to the experience. Fake cheering however, as a batter fails to connect properly with the ball heading along the ground straight to a close fielder for one run, at a not particularly crucial phase of the game, just gets on my nerves when it's repeated ad infinitum and there's no way of blocking it out. In the end the annoyance builds and builds becoming unbearable for me, switching off becomes the best answer

Whoever is in control of the fake noise is presumably doing it according to a director's ticklist, where appropriate buttons are pressed as appropriate responses are generated, but these need changing, it's over the top and just ruining it. There's no way of losing the fake noise without muting the commentary, that's why switching off becomes the best answer.

That's enough IPL for me until next season, I even prefer our own Vitality blast - nowhere near as many talented players but at least it's not highly annoying.
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Vitality blast finals day/weekend/bowl out/coin toss competition

If rain strikes as predicted the whole competition will be settled in an absolutely farcical manner with an indoor bowl-out late on Sunday evening, five players from each side get two deliveries each, and whoever hits the wickets most often wins. Failing that, the semi-finals will be decided on a coin toss, and the trophy will be shared by the two finalists, and this is where the rules really do look as though they've been made up after a heavy drinking session with noone showing even a modicum of common sense.

If it's going to be so ridiculous and a whole competition's two finalists decided by just a coin toss then why stop there? Why not just toss a coin for it between the four semi finalists? So the two semis are decided by a coin toss firstly followed by the final itself? It doesn't make any sense to share it if you've used a coin to decide the finalists, share it between all four or use pure chance to decide everything.

This toss of a coin provision is farcical.


England have been invited to tour Pakistan for the first time since 2005.

It would be a short T20 tour early next year.

Obviously a case of finding a free window and making sure all is secure, but I hope they take it up.
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Just watched the highlights from yesterday. Double super over. What a tournament this is. One of the best in world sport

Yeah saw it myself switched over from Palace vs Brighton, the excitement level went from bored stiff to edge of my seat stuff, excellent drama.

I wasn't a fan earlier but it's converted me now, you get used to the permanently frantic commentary and fake cheering when nothing happens because it brings moments which can't be matched from the world's best T20 players.

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