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Sport Cricket


Bit of a shocker for Hampshire that England aren't letting Dawson and Vince play their Lord's final on Saturday.

You can understand them wrapping the squad in cotton wool and focusing entirely on preperation, but still, kick in the teeth.


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Warner 12/1 to top run score the tournament is inviting. He absolutely pissed the IPL.



England have gone old school for the kit.

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Some decent promo stuff coming out of the England camp...

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Bit of a shocker for Hampshire that England aren't letting Dawson and Vince play their Lord's final on Saturday.

You can understand them wrapping the squad in cotton wool and focusing entirely on preperation, but still, kick in the teeth.
Apparently Hampshire and the ECB appealed to the ICC to exempt them from their stipulation that you cannot play in another tournament once the ICC one becomes 'active', which it does with the warm-up matches, but were unsuccessful.


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Over the nine games I'm pretty sure all the seamers will be included and take a full part I would think.

My preference would be Wood, Archer, Woakes but many advocate Curran or Plunkett in the first eleven perhaps for Wood, given Woakes and Archer could open with Plunkett maybe in his speciality, the middle overs. Curran too has shown he's coming good right at the optimum time, and he adds that crucial lower order batting strength that has even recently helped turn a potential batting collapse into a winning score.

Agree Willey is desperately unfortunate, but numbers meant someone had to go and Rashid's ongoing shoulder niggle meant a proper spinner in Dawson was needed.There is still a possibility if an injury occurs in the World Cup tournament to a seamer, Wood perhaps the most likely, then he could come in as a replacement.

In the end the fact that England will be playing all their games, bar the Old Trafford Afghanistan one, on new flat pitches which will be almost certainly prepared under the ICC's normal instructions for hard flat batting tracks with no grass at all, thereby insuring big total batting fests, meant that swing was possibly more expendable than real pace and bounce.

It possibly came down to one of Tom Curran, Plunkett and Willey with the former two edging ahead of Willey given Plunkett's ability to take wickets in the crucial middle overs and Curran's late surge in all areas.

Maybe if they get a semi at Edgbaston on a cloudy day they may want him, but then again given our seamers record with injuries, there must be a reasonable chance he could be available to them by that stage.


I agree that 8 of the team are inked in for every game when available; Roy, Bairstow, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Stokes, Moeen, Rashid

If it were upto me, I'd also always have Woakes in there. I sound like a broken record but his record with the new ball in ODIs is right up there with the best in the world, and sometimes taking 2 or 3 wickets in the first powerplay can all but win a game.

Initially I feel the other 2 spots in the 11 will be a straight choice firstly between Plunkett/Curran and then Wood/Archer.

They're both very difficult choices and though I know it's often factored in, I want my bowlers selected based on their ability with the ball rather than the bat; Plunkett has a great nack of taking wickets in the middle of the innings, Curran offers variations as well as nerve and heart at the death, Archer is quick and exciting but inexperienced in 50 over games and Wood is mainly unpredictable raw pace.

If I was forced to pick a side for the opening match I'd go - Roy, Bairstow, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Stokes, Moeen, Woakes, Curran, Archer, Rashid.

But still, it's a great headache to have with the proven performers of Plunkett or Wood to bring in - and I would certainly expect everybody to play during the group stages.

Plus, we shouldn't forget, conditions so often play a part in cricket. It seems unlikely to me that we'll need to select 3 spin options (plus Root's handy part-timers) in a WC game in our nation but there is Dawson there who has plenty of experience and if we come across a worn wicket with signs of uneven bounce, there's the possibility of just going for the all-out quickest attack who can hit the deck the best (Wood, Archer, Plunkett + Woakes/Curran).

I'm quite excited for it all to get going now.



This looks like it'll be worth a watch.

That late 00s/early 10s England test match side was as good as I can remember.

Yet it always felt like a kettle waiting to boil with some of the characters in there. Predictable it ended in tears.


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Copied Summerisle's post on GOT as has the full fixtures...

'Should be an exciting and close contest. Expect the rainiest summer on record.

All matches will be broadcast on Sky Sports, with highlights being shown on Channel 4.

World Cup Fixtures

Thursday 30th – England vs South Africa, The Oval (10:30am)
Friday 31st – West Indies vs Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30am)

Saturday 1st – New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30am)
Saturday 1st – Afghanistan vs Australia, Bristol (D/N) (1:30pm)
Sunday 2nd – South Africa vs Bangladesh, The Oval (10:30am)
Monday 3rd – England vs Pakistan, Trent Bridge (10:30am)
Tuesday 4th – Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, Cardiff (10:30am)
Wednesday 5th – South Africa vs India, Southampton (10:30am)
Wednesday 5th – Bangladesh vs New Zealand, The Oval (D/N) (1:30pm)
Thursday 6th – Australia vs West Indies, Trent Bridge (10:30am)
Friday 7th – Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30am)
Saturday 8th – England vs Bangladesh, Cardiff (10:30am)
Saturday 8th – Afghanistan vs New Zealand, Taunton (D/N) (1:30pm)
Sunday 9th – India vs Australia, The Oval (10:30am)
Monday 10th – South Africa vs West Indies, Southampton (10:30am)
Tuesday 11th – Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, Bristol (10:30am)
Wednesday 12th – Australia vs Pakistan, Taunton (10:30am)
Thursday 13th – India vs New Zealand, Trent Bridge (10:30am)
Friday 14th – England vs West Indies, Southampton (10:30am)
Saturday 15th – Sri Lanka vs Australia, The Oval (10:30am)
Saturday 15th – South Africa vs Afghanistan, Cardiff (D/N) (1:30pm)
Sunday 16th – India vs Pakistan, Old Trafford (10:30am)
Monday 17th – West Indies vs Bangladesh, Taunton (10:30am)
Tuesday 18th – England vs Afghanistan, Old Trafford (10:30am)
Wednesday 19th – New Zealand v South Africa, Edgbaston (10:30am)
Thursday 20th – Australia vs Bangladesh, Trent Bridge (10:30am)
Friday 21st – England vs Sri Lanka, Headingley (10:30am)
Saturday 22nd – India vs Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30am)
Saturday 22nd – West Indies vs New Zealand, Old Trafford (D/N) (1:30pm)
Sunday 23rd – Pakistan vs South Africa, Lord’s (10:30am)
Monday 24th – Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, Southampton (10:30am)
Tuesday 25th – England vs Australia, Lord’s (10:30am)
Wednesday 26th – New Zealand vs Pakistan, Edgbaston (10:30am)
Thursday 27th – West Indies vs India, Old Trafford (10:30am)
Friday 28th – Sri Lanka vs South Africa, Chester-le-Street (10:30am)
Saturday 29th – Pakistan vs Afghanistan, Headingley (10:30am)
Saturday 29th – New Zealand vs Australia, Lord’s (D/N) (1:30pm)
Sunday 30th – England vs India, Edgbaston (10:30am)


Monday 1st – Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Chester-le-Street (10:30am)
Tuesday 2nd – Bangladesh vs India, Edgbaston (10:30am)
Wednesday 3rd – England vs New Zealand, Chester-le-Street (10:30am)
Thursday 4th – Afghanistan vs West Indies, Headingley (10:30am)
Friday 5th – Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Lord’s (10:30am)
Saturday 6th – Sri Lanka vs India, Headingley (10:30am)
Saturday 6th – Australia vs South Africa, Old Trafford (D/N) (1:30pm)

Tuesday 9th – First semi-final: 1st vs 4th, Old Trafford (10:30am)
Thursday 11th – Second semi-final: 2nd vs 3rd, Edgbaston (10:30am)

Sunday 14th – Final, Lord’s (10:30am)


Watching this warm-up game between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I've seen enough of Pakistan to know they can bat and make scores here, so I'm mainly looking at the Afghani bowling. It's been decent but their fielding has been poor, they've got 1 wicket but it should be 3 or 4 in the first 11 overs.

It won't comes as news to those who watch T20 franchise cricket, but the 3 Afgani spinners; Mohammad Nabi, Mujeeb-ur-Rahman and Rashid Khan are all very capable of causing problems in this competition so I think they'll cause an upset to a big team somewhere along the line.


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It doesn't look good from the way the
left forefinger is bent at an unusual angle with predictable swelling at it's base.

Worst case scenario it's a fracture, 3 to 4 weeks to heal but with injections and modern medical backup you can expect sooner than that, could miss first couple of games in the initial phase. - South Africa and Pakistan games.

(possibly Bangladesh too, shouldn't rush it for them)

Vince would come in and Buttler captain - Buttler has struggled with the captaincy recently when called upon to replace Morgan, it would be a huge loss but one that shouldn't derail them as they have time to recover from any early setbacks.

Rashid is still being careful with his shoulder, he didnt train today and Dawson will replace him in tomorrow's warm up game vs Australia when Buttler will captain them.

All the squad players (minus Morgan and Rashid) will take part with only eleven batting.

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