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Player Cenk Tosun

Gym or bin?

  • Gym

    Votes: 16 27.6%
  • Bin

    Votes: 42 72.4%

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Mr Kirk

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In the press 12 hours after PA on here.


TEF Member
Fuck me..... He looks like quite an intelligent footballer.... Would be a nightmare to defend against if he has players running off him....


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It never fills me with great hope when a YouTube video contains a strikers best misses.
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Weaknesses: Balance

Should be getting us a few more penalties then


I've seen some reports from Turkish sites it's all agreed. Don't know where it originated from or how truthful that is but I'd still take it with a mountain of salt.

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Mick Blue

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Has this all stemmed from Big Purps mentioning it yesterday?

Dario Terracotta

TEF Member
Not yet a done deal according to Hurriyet - one of the more reputable Turkish papers. €20m official bid made, awaiting a response.

I have to say it looks like a long shot. Beşiktaş are through to the last 16 of the CL and play Bayern in Feb. Tosun is a German born Turk, so that has to be something of a dream fixture for him. Wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to postpone any move to the summer.



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View: https://youtu.be/_sSKHArq17Y

My Besiktas supporting friend raves about Cenk Tosun. Definitely looks the part. Palace bid £12m and got knocked back in the summer. Strong at everything. Surely this would have been a decent signing. Hopefully will be too.

In his words 'He will make a big transfer and he deserves that . He is very modest and respectful.'

I'm putting in for a finder's fee

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