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Carabao Cup - Lincoln (A) Wed 28th August 7.45pm (Sky Sports)


Love Islander but pretends not to be
Can already see from reading through this thread Silva is on a hiding to nothing. If he plays a weakened team and we lose, people will go nuts, if he goes full strength and either we lose, or lose one or more key players to injury, people will lose their shit.

God help him

People will accuse others of making excuses, too. The reserve side should still be beating Lincoln, of course. The lack of depth at centre back is a complete joke which is down to Brands.


TEF Member
If there making changes I think we’ll see Gbamin play at centre half. I can only assume they’ve decided he’s the back up option and this would probably be the best time to look at him.

I think we’ll go strong though and it’ll be Keane and Holgate.


Not Jon
The utter lunacy was going into the season with 2 centre backs.
Spot on. We lost a loan, loaned a CB and released one. People can comment on the quality of those but we are left with teenagers with no experience.
It's not that I want us to start a weakened side in any cups btw but as a manager you're left in a position where you've got to lessen the risk of losing them by injury. If he starts Mina and Keane and one of them gets injured, people will lose their shit.

Silva has been put in a terrible situation.
Exactly, so Silva won't get sacked regardless. I'm not saying play full strength, but to play both the kids is just silly.

Alan Partridge

TEF Member
We will definitely be on live. It’s a huge chance of an upset, the Cowley brothers and Lincoln’s recent rise make Sky’s pre-match ‘story’ easy and, as we all know, the media would love Everton to be the fall guys.

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