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Brendan Rodgers - Genius or Myth?

Anichebe's gooch

TEF Member
They're serialising Suarez's autobiography in the Guardian and today's excerpt is him going on about how great Rodgers is.

Couldn't be arsed to read it but thought it was relevant to this thread like.


TEF Member
Not so sure he could have brought in Falcao either. I always assumed they brought in Balotelli because the top, top strikers didn't fancy joining them.

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Mortgage Nonce/Football Dunce
He absolutely 100% could , massive dough but it was in their hands.
That was my point - he just needed another world class striker but did exactly what Spurs did and blew it on average dross. And bringing in Balotelli was just the icing on the cake in terms of his ago and arrogance.


Global Moderator
Falcao has hardly hit the ground running anyway. 1 goal (against us of course).
Hasn't completed a full game, has managed an average 40 minutes per game, and is injured again now. Would have been seen as a failed signing (so far) if Rodgers had've signed him.

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