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Sport Boxing Thread

joey macmo

TEF Member
David Haye's comeback fight in January 16th is on Dave on freeview.

Wilder v some bum for the WBC is on Sky the same night as is the IBF heavyweight title fight that Fury got stripped for.


TEF Member
Might watch the Haye fight on the off chance he gets sparked by that Aussie no mark.

Heavyweight fights have bored me ever since Tyson fell from glory, Wilder v Fury would be an interesting one as I think they're both hugely overrated - despite Fury beating Klitschko.

Hoping Khan and Brook will fight this year seeing as Pac will apparently retire after the Bradley fight.

Mick Blue

Pervert & possible Love Islander
"We've had Ricky & Melvin from Kiss FM, we've had Sigma, it's been a rave"

Boxing on Dave, ladies & Gentlemen.


TEF Member
The highlights of this fella didn't exactly fill me with confidence that it will last long. Also the Yank pundit knows fuck all about boxing. It reminds me when the black fella got interviewed on BBC News when he turned up for a job interview.


TEF Member
He's not even ranked in the top 100. Haye is pathetic for even agreeing to fight this chump.


Elite Member
Threw £20 on a first round KO at 6-1 for some small, small interest in this.

I also despise this commentator too. He keeps getting jobs and I don't know why.

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