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Player Abdoulaye Doucouré


TEF Member
Hopefully that means both of them. A midfield 3 of Doucoure, Allan & Gomes could be tremendous.

Couple of box to box midfielders with loads of energy is how you would get the best out of Gomes - who can then play as a pivot.

I think you need a 3 man midfield if you plan to start Gomes regularly.


Love Islander
If true, I'd think this is on the basis that we've pulled away from the Gabriel stuff, and decided to prioritise a 2nd CM before a CB.

I think he'd be a good signing for us (more than 2 years after we first went for him). To be honest I wouldn't say he's absolute top quality, and going to completely transform us. But he should certainly improve us, as he's got more ability than Davies, and more of an engine than Gylfi/Delph.

If Carlo sees us as predominantly 4-4-2, and we end up with Allan/Gomes/Doucoure/Gbamin as main options, plus 1 more to cover until Gbamin is back, it could signal that a couple out of Delph/Davies/Sigurdsson are on their way out.


TEF Member
A midfielder capable of both half a dozen goals and assists a season? Whatever next!

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