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Recent content by Thuck ma Baws

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    Management Carlo Ancelotti

    Unless we give him the money to build a team of Richarlisons there's no point him being here. He'll turn a good team into champions, he won't turn an average team into champions league contenders though.
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    Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

    I saw that, Thierry Small and apparently Bayern Munich want him. They should throw him on the bench to make him feel wanted.
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    Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

    We'll stick with 5 at the back now I think, Iwobi and Nkounkou bombing on.
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    Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

    View: https://twitter.com/francefootball/status/1331952377382002691?s=20 Out for two months
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    Match Thread Fulham vs Everton - Sunday 1200 BBC

    This is my favourite away day by a distance. I've not been too bothered about missing any of them so far, in fact I've quite enjoyed the break from going. But I'm gutted this one came when it's all closed off to fans, they'll be gone again next season so who knows when we'll get back there.
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    Sport Rugby Union

    This is brilliant and shocking, I never realised how bad the state of the game was over there. World rugby and the RFU are greedy fuckers.
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    Player Alex Iwobi

    The goalkeeping for that second goal was incredible. If he'd just stuck his arm out instead of shrugging he'd have saved it.
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    Player Cenk Tosun

    Was he here when Ancelotti took over or was he already at Palace? You never know, Carlo might get a tune out of him.
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    Player Alex Iwobi

    Kilbane was miles better.
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    Player Jordan Pickford

    They're all mental. There are lads I play footy with who I would have always described as good, match going reds. The type who I would defend when people said that reds are all bellends. But last night at footy they weren't speaking to me, as if I was personally responsible for hurting their...
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool 17/10/20 12:30pm BT Sport

    The Mirror going after Lucas Digne for an instagram post and calling it disgraceful turned it from being a laugh to just being annoying for me. Hopefully having an experienced, strong manager will help. I hope they're all pissing themselves about it at Finch Farm.
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    Player Jordan Pickford

    That's going to finish a lot of them off
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    POLL Who replaces Richarlison?

    It will definitely be Iwobi, and although I've been on his back pretty much since he signed he's actually looked OK over the last few games he's played. With a lot of luck a good run in the team will get him firing and make him hard to drop. Realistically though he'll be good in patches of 15/20...
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    Player Andre Gomes

    I thought he really struggled today but has been good in general so far this season. I don't know why it has to be so black and white with some of our fans.
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool 17/10/20 12:30pm BT Sport

    I absolutely love how much they're all crying about it.