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Recent content by snoopjiggyjigg

  1. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    There is still enough in this squad to not get fucked over by QPR and Watford! I'd normally expect Rafa's team to be hard to beat and we'll drilled. I've seen nothing recently to think we've been drilled. We've been lucky that Townsend and Gray have started the season with form.
  2. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    Or maybe going out the cup to a shit team and getting twatted 5-2 against Watford at home may be a reason too
  3. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    Deserves a painting
  4. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    Simms is injured mate and has been for a long time
  5. snoopjiggyjigg

    Player Ben Godfrey

    He needs time, Covid has fucked him. But aerially, he is poor. Holgate should be starting. He is our best defender except Mina
  6. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    We don't really have defensive injuries either, that is the problem
  7. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    Deserves everything coming his way. We were shite when we were 2-1 up with 16/17 mins to go.
  8. snoopjiggyjigg

    Match Thread Shambles FC v Watford 23/10/21 - The Shit Show

    I joked in the pub here in Fuerteventura that Josh King would score a hattrick..when the first went in, I said I was only joking but he would probably score a hattrick cos well Everton. All the lads here now as giving me evil eye
  9. snoopjiggyjigg

    Player Richarlison

    The positive is that Rondon works better as a 2, no point asking him to run the channels
  10. snoopjiggyjigg

    Football Newcastle United

    I could see them going for Lacazette. They said they would go for established PL players at the ends of their contracts.
  11. snoopjiggyjigg

    Management Rafael Benitez

    West Ham just about beat us with our 3 best players missing and our next best playing with an amputated foot! Oh and Iwobi and Rondon! Plus even then, we had the better chances
  12. snoopjiggyjigg

    Football Managers under Pressure

    View: https://twitter.com/asaintmaximin/status/1450793089971494914
  13. snoopjiggyjigg

    Sport Football 2021/2022

  14. snoopjiggyjigg

    Sport Football 2021/2022

    A little. but I think a few players will have seen they team mates really suffer getting covid, you only have to look at how it's fucked up people like Godfrey, Aubameyang, Laca etc,
  15. snoopjiggyjigg

    Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

    View: https://twitter.com/MightyBluesYT/status/1450441764851130381