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Recent content by RobD

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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool 17/10/20 12:30pm BT Sport

    Have the pundits unanimously decided that Pickford is 'that type of player' then?
  2. R

    Management Marcel Brands

    Funnily enough "mother of god" was my reaction to this thread.
  3. R

    Football Euro 96

    Platt's goalscoring return for England was very decent to be fair. You probably wouldn't mind Dele Alli contributing fuck all else as much if he had a record like Platt.
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    Match Thread Everton V Manchester Utd Sunday 1/03/2020 ko 14:00

    Sigurdsson's been properly taken out by Wan-Bissaka there. It's odd that it doesn't count when you get a shot away.
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    Player Michael Keane

    I don't know if I've ever seen such a rabbit in the headlights performance in the Premier League. At least he wasn't passing himself off as captain like Williams though. The moment Harry Maguire goes for £50m is when everyone should pack football in.
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    Everton News Everton eyeing cut-price Ghanaian defender

    Our defence is in dire need of a babysitter after all.
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    Everton Forum Transfer Rumours Part 2

    Of course it is.
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    Management Roberto Martinez - Sacked!

    Your stat's wrong.
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    This seasons games in HD

    Have you got the decryption key for the Utd game? Fuck knows why I'd watch that disaster again, but might as well have them all I suppose. Cheers.
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    Ireland v England

    You could make any manager's time look shit if you deliberately pick out the fringe players with few caps. Fashanu was only capped by Robson as well. This is a line up full of players with decent caps hauls who have done fuck all for England. Obviously Rooney's an exception.
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    Non Everton Transfers

    I think you may be overestimating the correlation between the quality of football and the amount of people who watch it.
  12. R

    Non Everton Transfers

    Aren't fastest paced and highest tempo the same thing?
  13. R


    I couldn't give less of a shit about what the odds of Bony going to Liverpool are.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Barring the season when he did score 20 goals of course.
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    Non Everton Transfers

    You have to presume Origi was Benteke's replacement rather than Januzaj, all the rest of their forwards are seasoned internationals and were always going to be in the squad. If they wanted three strikers they'd have taken Batshuayi right?