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Recent content by Rich

  1. Rich

    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City, Wednesday 1st July 2020, 6pm (Sky Sports)

    Anyone think Maddison tore us apart last night?
  2. Rich

    Player Seamus Coleman

    I don’t think we have room in the budget for a quality replacement for him, so these two will have to do next season.
  3. Rich

    Player Michael Keane

    I can remember one instance when Vardy turned him inside out, but other than that he played well again. I’ve said it before, but I’d keep him as one of the four CB’s. You need a bit of variety in the squad and he’s a good player to bring on if we need to go tight and see a game out.
  4. Rich

    Player Tom Davies

    Did well last night. So frustrating that he can’t do it consistently. As Danny said, there were a few occasions he just danced through the lines with the ball and set us up.
  5. Rich

    Football Managers under Pressure

    Guardiola & Ancelotti were decent like.
  6. Rich

    Football The Redshite Thread

    Poor lad. He’s got grounds for defamation of character if this goes any further.
  7. Rich

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    I think Grealish can.
  8. Rich

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    It's alright, neither does he.
  9. Rich

    Former Player Cuco Martina

    Has he gone then?
  10. Rich

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    All comes down to price mate. Midfield is in such desperate need of an overhaul, if we can cut corners elsewhere then we must.
  11. Rich

    Former Player Cuco Martina

    Didn’t say he was.
  12. Rich

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    I’d still have him for £20m.
  13. Rich

    General Everton Talk

    He was getting bigged up for the first team squad not so long ago; poor lad.
  14. Rich

    Former Player Cuco Martina

    How do you know how big the list is?
  15. Rich

    Player Alex Iwobi

    Not entirely.