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Recent content by McLovin

  1. McLovin

    Player Anthony Gordon

    We overrate him (Gordon, not bobble). Let spurs have him and keep Richarlison
  2. McLovin

    Rumour Hairy Wanks

    Useless pricks can’t even do an anagram correctly
  3. McLovin

    Football Manager 22 - let’s see your teams

    Begovic Coleman Holgate Tarkowski Godfrey Mykolenko Allan Doucoure Gordon DCL Richarlison
  4. McLovin

    Rumour Hairy Wanks

    Underwhelming. Will see how it plays out. I called Gareth Barry shit and thought Delph was a shrewd signing. My opinion is null and void. I was once delighted we signed Bakayoko
  5. McLovin

    Football Summer 2022 transfers

    Has to be the worst transfer of all time
  6. McLovin

    Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

    Still doesn’t seem like much hospitality.
  7. McLovin

    Everton News Fixtures 22/23

    I don’t think I could name 6 players from each team, let alone 6 I’d want.
  8. McLovin

    Everton News Fixtures 22/23

    Man City away on New Year’s Eve? Grim
  9. McLovin

    Everton News Fixtures 22/23

    Just because its the one ground I’ve never been too. It always clashes with holidays, events, child birth etc. it’s the one away where I know someone lives and have weekend accommodation…. And I’ll be away again, Bournemouth away is first
  10. McLovin

    Sport Football 2021/2022

    The last 3 pages should be in the reality tv thread. Shame on all of you
  11. McLovin

    Stake Sponsorship

    Having said that; I had shirts with NEC and Hafnia on as a kid and had no clue what the fuck they were. Maybe the world is too worried about what everyone thinks with out actually knowing. Kids won’t give a fuck what stake is or means. SHOW ME THE MONEY
  12. McLovin

    Stake Sponsorship

    For most people, gambling isn’t an issue, and a gambling sponsor isn’t an issue. However, there needs to be some corporate responsibility around gambling and the attraction. We need to do better as a society to protect the young and vulnerable. As an industry we have so many safe guards in...
  13. McLovin

    Rumour James Tarkowski

    Solid signing for free. Can’t rely on Mina. There rest of our centre halves can be very meh. Better than what we’ve got. Spend what little we’ve actually got on the young hungry catergory and a sprinkle of experience on less wages than some of the wasters out of contract. Makes sense to me
  14. McLovin

    Football Newcastle United

    We need a “charity bet” thread. So we can keep tabs and make sure they are honoured
  15. McLovin

    Former Player Jonjoe Kenny

    I can make peace with this. Squad filler meaning we can put our meagre resources to use elsewhere. Assume having a homegrown on the books also helps towards ffp and all that bullshit. Not ideal. But needs must. For now