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Recent content by markymark

  1. M

    Rumour Gabriel Magalhães

    Yea but his agent would know they’d get a much better deal if there was someone else in talks, especially a club with a reputation for throwing silly money at players over the last few years. I think it’ll be like with Mina, they’ll be interested and his first choice and we’ll be here waiting...
  2. M

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    The amount of times we get dragged into links, bids, offers for players out of the blue since Moshiri came in astounds me. Arnautovic was the best when he was at Stoke, £32m bid from us on the Monday night and he’s signed a new contract the following morning. Fuckin brass neck of these agents...
  3. M

    Match Thread Everton v Wolves (A) Sun 12th July 12pm (Sky One/Sky Sports)

    Digne has been an accident waiting to happen all half in that position.
  4. M

    Match Thread Everton v Southampton - Thur July 9th 6pm - Amazon Prime (free)

    Awful refereeing all over the place here. They’re queuing up to kick Richarlison and only 2 of their players get booked. Richarlison hits back in retaliation after not getting a foul given and is booked along with Calvert-Lewin in the aftermath. Maybe we’re too soft, should just target the...
  5. M

    Match Thread Everton v The Shite - Sunday 21st June, 7pm - Goodison Park

    There’s absolutely no point in putting our kids out because you know their full strength team would probably put 6 or 7 past them so as well as destroying the kids confidence you’d then get them say our 1st team beat your kids 6-0 and our kids beat your first team 1-0 while we won the league...
  6. M

    Football The Redshite Thread

    Chelsea have posted on Twitter that it’s slip day today, doesn’t someone on here usually make a big deal of the event, baking a cake etc?
  7. M

    Everton and Covid-19

    There are far too many permutations to even consider such things as current league position is final. Such as a team in 18th might have an easier run of fixtures left to say the team in 17th who might have to play 3 or 4 of the top teams. The team in 5th could have 2 games in hand on 4th...
  8. M

    Everton and Covid-19

    Not getting carried away, praying like fuck the league gets cancelled outright and they miss out on the title but the Everton in me, knows that the league will restart behind closed doors and the derby will get shoehorned in as the fixture they need a draw to win the title. They always have...
  9. M

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    I’m not getting excited by it being postponed. Knowing the luck we get, they’ll postpone the derby, it’ll get rearranged and still end up as the game the shite need a win or draw in to win the league.
  10. M

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    Why couldn’t they have started playing like this 5 games ago ffs. They would have well and truly bottled it.
  11. M

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    I despise the cunts and I just don’t know how they get the rub of the green like they do. Don’t get me wrong, I accepted they were winning it long ago, but does it have to be so blatant. I can honestly count on one hand where we’ve got a lucky outcome that has lead to a win, it seems every...
  12. M

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    You know it’ll happen mate, it’ll be over by half time in the 2nd leg.
  13. M

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    Although I’ll smile if Atletico see this out, I won’t be under any illusion as to what will happen in 2 weeks time. Operation; shit pants will come into full force with Simeone and his team, as the shite sweep into a 3 goal lead after 20 minutes
  14. M

    General Everton Talk

    Sure we could offer USM a first refusal option on the shirt sponsorship as well for a good £10m. Think the City ban may have come at a good time, too. The club will know everything will be under the microscope so won’t be as bold as to agree a £75m a year shirt sponsorship eclipsing the rest...
  15. M

    General Everton Talk

    The article clearly says we’ve cancelled it due to new opportunities that have presented themselves. We were getting the best part of £10m a year from sportpesa and you’d imagine there will have been some costs involved to cut short the contract so you’d have thought it’d be one of ussies big...