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Recent content by maccarob

  1. M

    General Everton Talk

    Its a pathetic amount for a 54000 stadium.
  2. M

    Football VAR

    That table is more corrupted than VAR. Liverpool have had goals against goals against Leicester and City that should not have been goals. Chelsea had one disallowed against them because a full back was offside 10 minutes before they scored. As far as i know we have not had 1 decision go in...
  3. M

    General Everton Talk

    Hes interviewed all through the film so don't think there is anything in it.
  4. M

    General Everton Talk

    I watched it last night, on Amazon Prime as I'm not a super blue so not invited to the premier. It was brilliant and so well made, the players talked about it and it brings home the pride they have in that side. I was only 6 in 84, so it came a couple of seasons too early for me really...
  5. M

    Football VAR

    VAR has exposed the officials in the premier league more than any other country. They don't know the rules or how to enforce them. Its actually feels like its brought less transparency to the game. How can you have goals chalked off before the restart of the game with lines on screens...
  6. M

    Management Marco Silva

    I want us all over the referee and i want the manager kicking and screaming in the press. Fuck the 'we've got class', what we have is a soft underbelly that other teams, officials, the FA and media love to tickle for a laugh. We don't do anything about it and it continues on and on. We should...
  7. M

    Match Thread Everton v Tottenham Hotspur Sunday 03/11/19 ko 16:30

    On holiday at the minute, but that game was atrocious and just made me angry. I was pissed off Everton are shite, pissed off VAR is shite and corrupt, pissed off Atkinson gets away with a 1 sided bias that for me leads to a bad Gomes injury, pissed off Gomes is now out forever, pissed off...
  8. M

    Spares/Tickets/Freebies - Face Value or Below

    I have an adult and U18 for Brighton if anyone fancy’s the trip down there
  9. M

    Sport Rugby Union

    I understand its the nature of the sport and you cant play a game every 3-4 days, but the spread of fixtures in this world cup means it is very difficult for it to gain any momentum during the group stages. Teams are having 10 -11 day rests between games, which just adds to the stop / start...
  10. M

    Carabao Cup 3rd round - Sheffield Wednesday (A) - Tues 24th Sept (7.45pm)

    a home tie against Crawley would be good.
  11. M

    Everton v Man City Sat 28/9 5:30pm

    Might be good news, Oliver clearly favours the shite, so we may get a good few decisions on Saturday. I think Everton will turn up and get a point!
  12. M

    Match Thread Everton v Sheffield United, Saturday 21st Sept, 3pm

    I agree we controlled fuck all today, they have walked out of Goodison thinking this league is a piece of piss. Everton were a shambles !!
  13. M

    Sport Rugby Union

    The 2015 world cup although it will be and should be looked at as a catastrophic failure, was virtually a knockout competition from game 1. No way should that group have been allowed to happen at that time. I'm sure the seedings where decided about 3 years in advance, which was ridiculous.
  14. M

    Sport Rugby Union

    I suppose we see tomorrow just how 'open' this world cup is going to be. If NZ beat SA well, then its going to be very difficult for them to be beaten. For the tournament to deliver i think it would need an England semi final win against NZ and Ireland to take out one or both of SA / AUS. If...
  15. M

    Sport Rugby Union

    The problem England are going to have is they will likely have to beat Wales (QF), New Zealand (SF) and South Africa (F). That is a tall order and over the last decade, when England have come up against Wales in a winner takes all encounter it has invariably been the Welsh who have run out...