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Recent content by Kim Jong-un

  1. Kim Jong-un

    Next manager

  2. Kim Jong-un

    The 27 Campaign

    Bold to predict that the club will be around that long.
  3. Kim Jong-un

    Transfer News

    Everton fans: How much worse can it get? Everton: Yes.
  4. Kim Jong-un

    The 27 Campaign

    The Director didn't fall on his sword for this.
  5. Kim Jong-un

    The 27 Campaign

    Hope the 28 years campaign goes better than this one.
  6. Kim Jong-un

    The 27 Campaign

    Isn't Hull City, is it?
  7. Kim Jong-un

    Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

    Remember the good old days when we had blue stones?
  8. Kim Jong-un

    Football Managers under Pressure

    Z Cars is the common denominator here. Bet there's some sort of demonic message if you play it backwards.
  9. Kim Jong-un

    Marcel Brands

    The only sane voice in the room and those fans chased him out first. Got the club they deserve now.
  10. Kim Jong-un

    Player Alex Iwobi

    Give him a 10 year ban for that.
  11. Kim Jong-un

    POLL Too good to go down?

    Is that a euphemism? Just make sure you keep the noise down.
  12. Kim Jong-un

    Next manager

    Been doing a bit of sports trading? lol
  13. Kim Jong-un

    Next manager

    I agree. He's another fucking fatty.
  14. Kim Jong-un

    Next manager

    Someone who turns up to the interview with a load of files on all of our players then?
  15. Kim Jong-un

    Management Rafael Benitez - Sacked

    Why is this thread even still here?