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jon's latest activity

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    jon replied to the thread Football The Redshite Thread.
    What's the point in having the players distanced when they've been involved in training and matches?
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    jon reacted to Floody's post in the thread Everton Howard's Way with Like Like.
    Watching it again makes me sad to think that we have won just one solitary trophy in 33 years. I did not realise at the time how...
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    jon reacted to T1878's post in the thread Player Jean-Philippe Gbamin with Like Like.
    I think it’s a bit naive to suggest there’s something more sinister at play. Are people forgetting our luck? Its not really uncommon...
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    jon reacted to obstructedview's post in the thread Everton Howard's Way with Like Like.
    I've just watched this for the first time, genuinely brought tears to my eyes. I remember those times, I was so fortunate to have been...