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Recent content by harperefc

  1. H

    Rumour Everton Forum Transfer Deadline Day Rumours and Deals

    I'll be disappointed if we didn't sign a GK and ST. Actually, I'll be fuming, especially with Hart and Bony on the move. It's been obvious all summer we need to strengthen these positions.
  2. H

    Romelu Lukaku

  3. H

    Match Thread WBA v Everton - Sat 20th - 3pm

    Any decent streams?
  4. H

    On Loan Yannick Bolasie - Eligible for Sporting

    Just watched that Lovren one over and over about 20 times. I'm sold.
  5. H

    Former Player Ashley Williams - Loaned to Stoke

    Basically what everyone else has said. Will tighten the defence, better than what we have and has great leadership qualities. A no nonsense defender who isn't afraid to get stuck in. At £10m he would be an absolute steal imo and could turn out to be a brilliant signing.
  6. H

    Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

    I work just past Stonebridge and it would be a nightmare on match days. Every morning there is a traffic jam between 7-9, not many buses that go through there and no train stations near. Literally fuck all around there too. I'd be gutted if it was there. I'm hoping he's just covering all aspects...
  7. H

    Everton News Thank you Bluekipper – Forum memories to remember

    Still tell people that story [coleman]
  8. H

    Nothing is different

    This thread is probably the worst pile of shite I have ever read on here, and that's saying something.
  9. H

    Everton Forum Transfer Rumours Part 2

    Has the esk said this on GOT or on Twitter and what did he actually say? Be interesting to see what he says if we don't sign anyone.
  10. H

    Everton Forum Transfer Rumours Part 2

    No but somebody is going to be signing this week aren't they??? That's what all the ITK'S said..... [mori]
  11. H

    John Stones - Signs for Man City

    I'll be gutted when he goes, would of loved to have seen him rekindle his previous form here and be here for many years. On the plus I would rather it be him than Ross or Rom, just a shame we can't have all 3 it seems.
  12. H

    Everton Forum Transfer Rumours Part 2

    It is the 8th July you crying bastard, get outside once in a while.