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Recent content by Dolorous Edd

  1. Dolorous Edd

    Player Yerry Mina

    Thought he was the weak link in the team today. I think he's a good presence to have in the dressing room cause you can tell the others love him from how often they go to celebrate with him, but I prefer my defenders to be less heart-attack inducing. He was unfortunate with the deflection for...
  2. Dolorous Edd

    Time to get excited.

    I think the biggest revelation from the last few games has been just how lost we are without Richarlison. His pace and directness allow James and DCL to play a level above what we can achieve without him in the side. Need another central midfielder to replace Sig/Gomes as well.
  3. Dolorous Edd

    Match Thread Everton v Manchester Utd k.o. Sat 07/11/20 at 12:30

    What the actual fuck? I really hope that's bullshit
  4. Dolorous Edd

    Match Thread Everton v Manchester Utd k.o. Sat 07/11/20 at 12:30

    Can only assume Gordon is proper half arsed in training not to make the squad.
  5. Dolorous Edd

    Match Thread Newcastle Utd vs Everton - Sunday 1st November 1400

    Seems an odd time to drop Pickford. Didn't see last week's game but I didn't get the impression he was as bad in that as usual.
  6. Dolorous Edd

    Sport Football 2020/2021

    He sounds like someone off a Paddy Power advert
  7. Dolorous Edd

    Player James Rodriguez

    If it's about bollocks, I know it.
  8. Dolorous Edd

    Player James Rodriguez

  9. Dolorous Edd

    Player Alex Iwobi

    Only saw the opening 30 mins or so today, but for me the biggest problem was that whenever James etc switched the play to him he cut backwards to get it on his right foot and killed the momentum of the move. Richarlison is much better at taking those balls in his stride and uses them to stretch...
  10. Dolorous Edd

    Player Richarlison

    Just have to hope that we can put in a good enough showing this year to convince Richarlison to stick around for another season. Having he and James in the same side has been the first time in beards where the opposition can't just focus on marking one player to shut us down. If there's any...
  11. Dolorous Edd

    Player Michael Keane

    I think Calvert-Lewin is a good shout. Got more going on between his ears than most and I think since the media seem to like him he can be more vocal with referees than our other players might.
  12. Dolorous Edd

    Player Gylfi "Nearly" Sigurdsson

    Not going to defend his attitude, but I just think he's at his most effective in a number 10 position, and since the club aren't using a formation with a 10 atm he's always going to be a square peg in a round hole.
  13. Dolorous Edd

    Sport Football 2020/2021

    Can't say that nowadays Mike.