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Recent content by dixies60

  1. dixies60

    Player Leighton Baines

    Forgot about him
  2. dixies60

    Player Leighton Baines

    Did we sign him for the first team or did he come through the ranks or did we sign him for one of the under sides 21 18 etc
  3. dixies60

    Player Leighton Baines

    Am I right in thinking it's only him and coleman who were Moyes signings left ? Can't think of anyone else. I'm not including youth players coming through since
  4. dixies60

    Sport Football 2018/19

    I think it is too soon for him another year in the championship and maybe if derby got promotion. We really need to capitalise on Arsenal Chelsea and Man u being weaker this year no excuses not to get top 4 imo. First 6 games have to be 6 wins no excuses
  5. dixies60

    Women's World Cup

    Just seen the England goal which was superb as good as anything in the men's game.
  6. dixies60

    Women's World Cup

    Unless your niasse then you can't go down without getting a ban
  7. dixies60

    Sport Cricket

    I'm in London until Sunday and debating whether to go to Sri Lanka Vs Australia at the oval just looked and the tickets are £70+ not.sure I can spare that money. Especially with the unpredictable weather as it is.
  8. dixies60

    Released list

    That list needs to be 3 times as long
  9. dixies60


    Straight men?
  10. dixies60

    Football The Redshite Thread

    View: https://www.facebook.com/dreamteamfc/videos/305753260370824/
  11. dixies60

    Prince Rupert's Tower vandalised

    They are still horrible disrespectful cunts anyway
  12. dixies60

    Prince Rupert's Tower vandalised

    I can't imagine any Everton fan hours after winning the champions League thinking I know I will go a spray paint the shankly gates can you? They are horrible disrespectful cunts to do this to a 200+ year old grade listed building. The echo article apparently doesn't even condemn it yet if it...
  13. dixies60

    Player Leighton Baines

    How haven't baines and jags had a testimonial? Howard did when he stank the place out for 18 months.
  14. dixies60

    Football The Redshite Thread

    Absolute scumbags doing this to a 200 year old building
  15. dixies60

    Football Champions League Final 2019

    It's the goals stat that matters. cunts