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Recent content by Dixie

  1. Dixie

    Match Thread Everton V Manchester Utd Sunday 1/03/2020 ko 14:00

    It's probably been asked but why didnt the lazy, useless fucker move his arse ?
  2. Dixie

    General Everton Talk

    Any kind nonce with a subscription to The Athletic copy and paste the article with Heitinga for me?
  3. Dixie

    Player Fabian Delph

    He best be forced to clean Holgate's boots for the foreseeable future.
  4. Dixie

    Match Thread Watford v Everton. Saturday 1st Feb, 3pm

    There is him and some other dour cunt, a Brummie I think, who just genuinely hate us. Gonna feel good when they stop living.
  5. Dixie

    Management Carlo Ancelotti

    I couldn't even get that win rate on Fifa playing on amateur with this squad.
  6. Dixie

    Player Theo Walcott

    I still fucking hate him. Over the last few years he has probably genuinely cost us about 30 odd goals with the wrong decision or scuffed shot. It is genuinely a skill to pick the wrong option 99.99% of the time. Oh and his hair is extremely shit and makes him look like a silly sausage.
  7. Dixie

    General Everton Talk

    Barry Horne still gives him the MotorRange Man of the Match award every week.
  8. Dixie

    Match Thread Useless shirkers v Brighton, Saturday 11th January, 3pm

    They know it's a pen, they just arent giving it. That's corruption in my book, or blatant cheating whatever.
  9. Dixie

    Player Lucas 'Le Gourmand' Digne

    He probably ate him, the fat French pudding.
  10. Dixie

    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton k.o. 16:01 Sun 5/1/20 BBC1 FAcup

    I wonder what heartbreakingly late minute it will be this time? I'll go for the 95th minute
  11. Dixie

    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton k.o. 16:01 Sun 5/1/20 BBC1 FAcup

    Get this cunt off the pitch now. Just get him away from my life.
  12. Dixie

    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton k.o. 16:01 Sun 5/1/20 BBC1 FAcup

    In what football brain do you think looping a ball slowly up in the air is the ball to pick there? I mean Walcott gives me heart problems.
  13. Dixie


    First dart in the BDO a 1. Used to love Wolfie, King and all the old cunts back in the day. Seeing if Fordham was gonna collapse on stage the big fucking sweaty ham.
  14. Dixie

    Rumour Alisher Usmanov - Ready to "Invest" in Everton

    I'll name my fucking kid USM if he wants me to. Pump us full of your wonderful money please.
  15. Dixie

    Player Richarlison

    How hard does this cunt work? Makes me tired just watching him, the beautiful bastard.