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Recent content by DannyEvo

  1. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    Four new cases confirmed.... They’re getting confirmed cases every phase of testing and have agreed contact training. I’m still not sure this will go ahead
  2. DannyEvo

    Everton and Covid-19

    DMAs are fucking boss and I really enjoyed that. We’re shite on the pitch but absolutely boss off it.
  3. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    There’s one.
  4. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    I’ve got them -2 . Got a lads syndicate and got £675 on this and they do that shit
  5. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    I can’t even see them using the money as credit against next season... who knows if we’ll be allowed in! I wonder what they’ll do with that 4 payments we’ve made towards 20/21 (for those on DD)
  6. DannyEvo

    On Loan Jonjoe Kenny - Loaned to Schalke

    Yeah, I think this is likely. Rather than shell out on a new RB - I’d give JJK a role next year.
  7. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    Germany league pushed back until May 22nd at the earliest. It won’t go ahead surely?
  8. DannyEvo

    Sport Football 2019/2020

    You just cannot play in neutral stadiums whilst so many positions are still to play for. It’s a legal minefield
  9. DannyEvo

    Player Richarlison

    Gona miss him
  10. DannyEvo

    General Everton Talk

    Did we sign AJ the season after?
  11. DannyEvo

    General Everton Talk

    I never understood the Beattie signing at all - he was a good player and a good goal scorer but exactly the opposite of what we needed at the time. Bent was fantastic for 6 months and Beattie pretty much killed his Everton career.
  12. DannyEvo

    Football The Redshite Thread

    I’ve just had a read through his Twitter feed. he’s a poisonous cunt who is utterly obsessed with Liverpool. If the league got void he would absolutely combust
  13. DannyEvo

    Football The Redshite Thread

    Oliver Holt is a fucking bellend
  14. DannyEvo

    Player Moise Kean

    That’s him finished here
  15. DannyEvo

    Summer Transfer Window 2020

    Donnarumma is brilliant and a much needed commanding presence. However, if you think Evertonians lost their shit over Pickfords blunders, you better brace yourself for what Donnarumma is capable of...