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Recent content by caliblue

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    Transfer Rumours

    With King being well into the last year of his contract a loan would be off the table. He gave a post match interview yesterday and said that the last couple of months have been the worst of his life. He seems to be extremely frustrated with the situation at Bournemouth and desperate for a...
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    Rumour Wilfried Zaha

    I don't mind Zaha, but can't see why the club should waste time and money on him. The entire football Europe is bleeding financially. Clubs can't afford to buy players and clubs will need to sell to survive. Estimates are that transfer prices are down about 30% this summer. That does not mean...
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    Transfer Rumours

    Ancelotti mostly played Lozano as a striker and if Lozano did decent while coached by Ancelotti, they would both still be in Napoli. Bought for €40M last summer and he is among the best paid players in Serie A (€4.5M a year net). Four league goals and not close to be a regular starter. For any...
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    Rumour Fikayo Tomori (nomure)

    I hoped they would look into getting a taller CD. His height is not a problem. Neither is Holgates. But playing them together could be a problem.
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    Player Seamus Coleman

    Players are in preseason and do not have full fitness. Being told to play two matches in 72 hours. We should expect to see a lot of rotation the next few days. Many clubs and managers will have asked for their players to only play one match. I would not be surprised if Coleman is back in the...
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    Transfer Rumours

    Sky Sports? WTF Premier League is a global brand. Everton's audience is global. They are trying to attract global superstars. And people care about what they say on Sky Sports? How many viewers do they have? James posted the training video from Portugal 36 hours ago. The video has 2.1 million...
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    Transfer Rumours

    Last preseason match Saturday. If any new players are going to be involved there, they should probably be announced today and train well tomorrow. With players away with national teams, we need to get newcomers involved asap. There will be only two or three training days with the full squad...
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    Player James Rodriguez

    MLS throwing huge money after players is a myth. MLS salaries are public and there are currently no MLS player that is paid more than £100k a week. Wayne Rooney was paid £50k a week as a DC United player. That said, James will always be interesting for MLS teams. And even if it is not PC to...
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    Transfer Rumours

    The thing is that a striker is not just a striker. In 4-4-2 you need different types that does things different. I think it was Davide Ancelotti that in an interview compared Richarlison with Shevchenko. Not because they are similar players, but because they are second strikers that can finish...
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    Transfer Rumours

    Spurs and Real Betis did something similar with Lo Celso. - Betis loaned Lo Celso from PSG with an option to buy for €22M (+ sell-on) - After using their option they loaned him to Spurs for €16M with an agreement to buy him for €32M - PSG got sell on-fee for €10M (32-22=10) I would not be...
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    Transfer Rumours

    33 years old and on 70k(?) at United. If United want a fee for him and he wants a 2 or 3 year long contract, he will be expensive backup. Season long loan would make more sense.
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    Transfer Rumours

    Romero is a strange one. Obviously very talented, but he has been 2nd choice goalkeeper in 8 straight seasons. For three clubs in three countries. During this time he has played a World Cup final and two Copa America finals for Argentina. Marcel Brands brought him to Europe as an unknown 13...