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Recent content by boris

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    The Everton Forum Transfer Rumours

    I honestly don’t know a thing about him. Is he a striker?? I reckon Mr Usman....sorry Mr Moshri will spend huge on a striker if we could attract the player they wanted.
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    Player Jonas Lössl - Signed on free transfer (3 year deal)

    I don’t know anything about him but we definitely need a keeper. If we feel we can get one in for free then great. From the little bits I’ve seen of Virginia he looks miles off the premier league and Stek, well, I’d literally right the game off if I knew he was starting any fixture for us now...
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    Match Thread The Cup Final

    No one seems to mention Liverpool being spared the implications of being put into administration for there financial mismanagement which allowed there owners to buy the club cheap and then invest heavily in the team. They also seem to ignore that Liverpool spent almost £250 million on players...
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    I really like him but I trust Brands and Silva to find someone much more consistent and reliable now but I did like him a lot. We seemed to have moved into a bit of a different league from the likes of Delefeou and Lookman with players like Richardson, Bernard and links to Neres etc but I still...
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    The Everton Forum Transfer Rumours

    I'd say that's more of a negative than a positive.
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    The Everton Forum Transfer Rumours

    I don’t mind Mitrovic, if this was the Moyes era I’d be buzzing with him but we’ve moved on now. I want a great finisher who’s lightening quick. I expect Brands to come up with someone much better than Mitrovic.
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    Management Marco Silva

    I can’t wait for next season already, I love Marco. The contrast between how I felt this time last year and how I feel now is worlds apart.
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    Match Thread Spurs v Everton - KO 3pm Sunday

    That will definitely be Zouma right back IMO.
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    Match Thread Spurs v Everton - KO 3pm Sunday

    I did pre the injuries. I thought we’d beat them even if they’d needed 4th but now it all depends on who he brings in IMO. I’ll be concerned if I see Walcott but I think it’s certain we will. Marco’s doing a great job though so you never know.
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    Sport Golf

    The European Tour has gone completely now, the standard is shit. All the big guns are in the US, especially with it being a non Ryder Cup year. The scheduling of the British Masters had been terrible. With there being a major next week no one was ever going to come. Tommy himself wouldn’t be...
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    Sport Football 2018/19

    It’s only a matter of time before the CL final is in some where like New York with barely a football fan on site but wall to wall with coparate entertainment and sponsors. Within 10 years IMO. We’re about to get the first European Championships played all over Europe. We’re soon going to...
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    Sport Football 2018/19

    The standard of football in general is really shit. The worst United, Arsenal & Chelsea teams we’ve seen for nearly 20 years and 2 of them are in a European final which tells you everything you need to know about European football. 34 points is the new 40 points to stay up and has been for...
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    On Loan Henry Onyekuru - Loaned to Galatasaray

    I’m sure I heard a whilst back that Brands didn’t really think he was what right for us so there could be some truth in the rumours of us wanting to sell before he even gets here.
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    Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

    No room for sensible posts like that in here Ax....Kev said it won’t happen so that’s that.
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    The Everton Forum Transfer Rumours

    For what it’s worth...IMO he’ll end up here. We had no option to buy as far as I can remember so there’s certainly already 1 glaring error in that article. This will just be the usual process to increase his fee.