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Recent content by 143Blue

  1. 143Blue

    Player Fabian Delph - Signed 3 year deal

    Are we really thinking we don't have players in the squad who won't or don't talk in the dressing room, before,at half time,or after the end of a game? Really? If we wanted to sign a average player,on substantial wages,a slightly injury prone one at that,just for his,"basics of football speech"...
  2. 143Blue

    Player Kevin Mirallas

    He was brilliant in Bobby's first season,like a few others, the attacking 4 of Him Lukaku,Gerri, and Ross was a pleasure to watch,the last time I was genuinely excited by us.
  3. 143Blue

    Player Idrissa Gueye & charity bet thread

    Anyone who thinks Man utd Will finish bottom half next season is totally deluded, transition season for them yes, but they will still finish above us AND win a trophy.
  4. 143Blue

    Player Idrissa Gueye & charity bet thread

    Swap for Lukaku
  5. 143Blue

    The Everton Forum Transfer Rumours

    I reckon a lot of the dead wood are on wages that any interested club will be put off by. Those with around 12 months or so will be happy to see out that contract probably on loan somewhere. Others won't earn half as much elsewhere,so will need a long contact to makeup for any loss if they move...
  6. 143Blue

    Former Player Kurt Zouma

    Don't see this being done early,if at all.The new Chelsea manager will want pre season to assess his squad,and of course the little problem of a transfer ban.If you where them what would you do?
  7. 143Blue

    Former Player Tim Cahill

    Will end up managering in Australia.
  8. 143Blue

    Young Players - U23's, U18's

    Maybe they are just a bunch of young, enthusiastic, mainly local lads playing for pride and the shirt? Some 1st team squad members take note.
  9. 143Blue

    General Everton Talk

    Being a older blue, i remember the Boys pen with fond memories, and certainly don't recall it being that bad! OK it was only about 2 or 3 games as a 12/13 yr old in the early 70s when the arl fella couldn't make it , my RS supporting Uncle from Luxmore Road would drop me off to make sure I got...
  10. 143Blue

    Match Thread Newcastle v Everton - Sat 3pm

    I would take 9 more points from our remaining fixtures if offered.
  11. 143Blue

    Match Thread Newcastle v Everton - Sat 3pm

    Silva,.... In
  12. 143Blue

    Match Thread Newcastle v Everton - Sat 3pm

    ,yes it should have been a red, but its about time we had just a little bit of luck!,
  13. 143Blue

    Match Thread Cardiff v Everton Tuesday 26/02/19 k.o. 19:45

    Couldn't get to the game, or get a stream, so watched the 30min highlights on Sky last night expecting a horror show reading the in game comments on here. Surprised, we were ok, in fact quite good in patches, and I'm one of our biggest critics. Best watch 10/30 min highlight every week in...
  14. 143Blue

    Match Thread Cardiff v Everton Tuesday 26/02/19 k.o. 19:45

    Sky just reporting, Cardiff never won a midweek game in the PL!! Here come Everton.