Schneiderlin: Barkley is a great player – I want to help him

Morgan Schneiderlin believes that there is too much pressure being heaped on midfielder Ross Barkley and feels that his presence in the team can help the England midfielder.

Barkley has been critised in the press for his performances for Everton, although he is the main creative player in an Everton team lacking attacking quality.

Schneiderlin said: “I think sometimes you do put too much pressure on Ross Barkley.

“I want to help him. I want to help other players, that’s my thing.

“I am a defensive midfield player, I get the ball back and find a forward player and feed them. I like to link up with players around me.

“I believe Barkley plays the number 10 role so he will be in front of me. I want to feed him and the other players as well. Hopefully he will be what he is for many years, a great player.”


Will Ross Barkley become an Everton great?

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